What is coaching?

Coaching is essentially a conversation between a coach and coachee – where the coachee is free to do most of the talking!

Watch our short video, to find out why Everyone needs a Coach

The AoEc define coaching as : ‘Coaching is about improving leadership and management performance; it’s about using the inherent wisdom and knowledge the client has to find their own solutions. It’s about helping people discover, from their background, from their experience, from their own knowledge, their own way forward.’

As your coach, I am trained to help you discover more about the ambition or challenge you have and what the solutions could be – so you can reach your full potential.

You can expect to be fully and actively listened to during your coaching sessions. I may offer some creative techniques to help you see issues and solutions from new angles, offering you challenge, together with support.

If you’ve ever wanted to talk about how to work through your ambition or challenge without fear of judgement or interruption, coaching could well be for you.

Our clients say: “My executive coaching sessions have been invaluable. Not only did my Individual Coach help me achieve my original goal, their approachable and considerate style of coaching gave me the confidence to tackle head on some longstanding issues that in all honesty I had been avoiding. My coaches adaptable approach has helped me build a toolbox of skills to help me tackle the inevitable roadblocks of the future. I would not hesitate to recommend Individual”